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This section covers various tips related to setting up and working with PostgreSQL from the perspective of an Omnis Studio programmer. I started using PostgreSQL in 2007 after talking to another Omnis Studio developer who was very happy with PostgreSQL and was using against some sizeable databases. (over a million records in some tables)

I had resisted using PostgreSQL because Omnis Studio did not have a DAM for connecting to PostgreSQL. That changed with Omnis Studio version 4.3 so I figured it was worth a try. The claim for PostgreSQL as opposed to MySQL is that PG was built from the ground up with all the features and then tuned for performance later on, whereas the MySQL was built for speed and then the features (transactions, stored procedures, etc.) were added afterwards.

With the files and instructions from another Omnis Studio developer (Dave McKeone of Artsman) I installed PostgeSQL8 and pgAdmin3 on my MacBook Pro laptop in less than 15 minutes. It would have taken me many hours of struggling and searching for answers using Google to get it right on my own. If you want to install PoistgreSQL on a Mac, see the topic on Installing PostgreSQL on MacOS X.